“Wonderful music, a delicious and deeply satisfying listening experience.”
Amir Mandel, Haaretz

Darya’s solo project began in the lockdowns of 2020, when all work with orchestras and ensembles was shut down in an instant. Playing alone within the confines of her home, Darya found herself fascinated with a question: how does one translate the rhythms, textures and colors of an Andalusian orchestra into a solo piano piece? In the months that followed, Darya explored this question within original works and in interpretations of traditional music from Morocco and Algeria. The result is a performance that moves between intimate heartfelt melodies and erupting rhythms, that has been dubbed by Haaretz as “a blend of meticulous restraint and exhilarating passion.”

Darya has performed at national and international festivals, and this summer has seen her touring Morocco and Portugal with her solo project. Her debut trio album will be out November 2023, followed by a trio tour in Europe and Morocco.

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